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Course Description

Unleash your potential in the world of lash artistry with our Lash Mastery course at Beautique Academy. This comprehensive program is designed to equip aspiring lash technicians with the skills and techniques needed to master Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Eyelash Extensions, offering a versatile and in-depth understanding of lash enhancement.

Course Highlights:

Classic Eyelash Extensions:

Dive into the fundamentals of Classic Lash Extensions, mastering the art of applying individual extensions to each natural lash.
Explore lash isolation, application techniques, and design principles to create a natural and elegant lash look.
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions:

Elevate your expertise with Hybrid Lash Extensions, combining the best of both Classic and Volume techniques.
Learn to blend different lash extension styles, creating a textured and customized lash appearance that suits diverse client preferences.
Volume Eyelash Extensions Mastery:

Master the intricate art of Volume Lash Extensions, acquiring skills to apply multiple lightweight extensions to a single natural lash.
Explore fan-making methods, adhesive selection, and lash mapping for creating voluminous and glamorous lash sets.
Course Features:

Hands-On Practical Training: Gain hands-on experience in lash extension applications for Classic, Hybrid, and Volume techniques, ensuring proficiency in diverse lash styles.

In-Depth Theory: Understand the science behind eyelash extensions, including lash growth, anatomy, and client consultations. Deepen your knowledge of various lash extension materials and adhesives.

Safety and Hygiene Practices: Prioritize client safety with comprehensive training on safety protocols, sanitation, and hygiene practices specific to lash extensions.

Customization and Design Techniques: Develop the skills to analyze facial features and customize lash designs based on individual client preferences, creating personalized and stunning lash looks.

Career Opportunities:

Upon completing our Lash Mastery course, you’ll be well-equipped for success in various beauty and wellness roles, including:

Lash Extension Specialist
Salon Professional
Spa Technician
Freelance Beauty Artist
Beauty Educator

Join us at Beautique Academy and embark on a journey to master the art of Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Eyelash Extensions. Learn the techniques that cater to diverse client preferences and set yourself apart in the competitive world of lash artistry. Enroll today and let your journey to becoming a sought-after Lash Technician begin!

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