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Meet Kelly Aikins, your dedicated lecturer at Beautique Academy. Kelly brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of health and skincare. Originally hailing from Durban, South Africa, Kelly earned recognition as a top second-year student and the top ITEC international student during her college years.

With three years of industry experience in South Africa, Kelly then ventured to London, where she honed her skills at one of the city's top 5 salons. It was in London that her passion for teaching blossomed. Kelly accumulated extensive knowledge and experience through various courses and interactions with clients, including notable figures like Jade from the band Little Mix and the CEO of Versace.

Currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand, Kelly serves as an online educator for Beautique Academy. She is thrilled to share her industry insights and expertise with you in this course.

Skincare Lecturer with worldwide industry experience
Massage & waxing specialist
Learn with Kelly for Skincare, waxing & Massage courses to divulge your knowledge in the industry

One on one Video Chats

Beautique courses include one on one video chats with your expert lecturer. Join Kelly in your beauty journey.

One year of Troubleshooting

Once you get certified with us, Kelly will be able to help you for one year with your technique and troubleshooting various techniques & products.

Reach your Goals

Kelly will not only help you get started with her expert courses, but she will help you reach your goals in all things beauty. Kelly is very passionate and is excited to join you on your beauty journey.

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