If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably embarked on your own journey trying to get your man to take care of his skin. Six years down the line, I can confidently say that my man now knows all about double cleansing, extraction, and the importance of daily SPF. It only took us six years!

When it comes to male skin, the main differences between men and women are twofold: men genetically have oilier skin and they also have facial hair—thick, coarse facial hair! I understand that adopting a skincare routine that penetrates beneath that beard can be a bit daunting. But that doesn’t mean our partners are exempt from skincare. Here are some tips to help educate your man to view his skin as an investment rather than a chore

1. Make him talk

By this, I mean get him used to talking about his skin. For example, you could ask him how his skin feels that day – is it dry, sensitive, oily, or congested? By asking him this simple question, it can help you and him incorporate a certain product/s into his routine that will start targeting that concern.

2. Use easy terminology

Keep your discussion around skincare with him simple. He doesn’t need to know how that serum is going to promote collagen synthesis, or how this cream can prevent free radical damage. Keep it simple by letting him know that the serum he just used can prevent ageing, or how that certain SPF reduces pigmentation caused by the sun.

3. Watch out for texture

Texture matters a lot to men. Not the texture of varnish from the hardware store, but the texture or ‘heaviness’ of the creams he uses. For a man new to skincare, diving into oils, lotions, and potions might be overwhelming. opt for lightweight or water-based products initially..

4. Start low and slow

Slow and steady wins the race here, ladies. If you are helping your partner develop a skincare routine, then it’s crucial that you start with around 3 products. This can be a cleanser, toner and SPF. If, after a couple of weeks he’s coping well, then you can always incorporate another step- like a toner, exfoliator or eye cream!

5. Address the beard

If your partner has a thick, full beard, he might be reluctant to cleanse it because it takes time. Help him with cleansing his beard to show him exactly how to do it. Always ensure he emulsifies the cleanser in his hand before applying it. Work the product into his beard to remove all the dirt and impurities hiding in those hair follicles.

6. Have some fun

It’s not all teaching and lessons over here! Incorporate some fun activities like homemade masks or store-bought sheet masks. This way he can still get the benefit from the product, but also have his partner join in on a bonding activity with him.

I hope these six tips help you come up with ideas to encourage your partner to care for his skin! Remember, it doesn’t need to be complicated or lengthy—just simple and informative. Good luck!